Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dear Little Sisters,
    It sounds like you are all doing so well.  I always love to read your email because it is your mail that makes my day.  Well it sounds like you are all just being your good old self.  Keep it up.  well, Caelen, I hope that you are waiting patiently because bi buuh boloogui or in other words I am not just finished yet.  I hope that you are doing well down in the rainforest of Cedar City.  Also I could tell that you say that new movie by just looking at the little pictures you sent me.  You always did like little yellow things.  Remember how you liked rubber ducks for a while?  Or was that someone else.  Well don't mess up your new dress too much.  You should make a metal one.  But the thread might need to be a little thicker.  :)   So Rebecca, I hope that you get better because school is coming up.  Well you and your salsa dancing self you.  You are so popular.  I can't believe it.  My little shy Beppy going salsa dancing?  I hope that you didn't break your friend's feet.  :)  That is cool that you were able to go and do the bridal shower with Courtney.  That is really good and way to be supportive.  You can pass on to Courtney that I wish her the best of luck and though I don't think I will be able to make it to anything that I still am so proud of her.  Well of course you played well.  I don't think that you miss notes on the piano.  By the way you might need to wait a little while for me to learn some of our old duets.  It has been a while.  So Rachel,  I heard that you had a swimming party in the window well this last week.  Who did you invite?  As long as there were no boys than I give you permission.  I hope that no sharks bit off your little toes.  Or are they bigger than they used to be?  Hey don't worry about highschool.  People may occasionally throw trash at you but all you have to do is just run.  They don't run that fast.  :)  No actually highschool is great and you will have a lot of fun.  Always remember to rely on the Person that can help you through everything.  He can help you.  Besides once you join the football team you will be really popular.  I always knew you would be a good quarterback.  :)  well little sisters I love you and keep up the good work.  Love Elder Williams.

Dear Kristalyn, 
   It is great to hear from you and thanks for praying for me.  It is just coming so fast.  I can't believe it.  I only have three sundays left.  It will be interesting to fly into St. George.  I actually thought that I would be flying into Salt Lake.  But it shouldn't be too bad.  Especially if I have Grandma to talk to on the way down.  Well this week I have really tried shuu.  I have figured out that I just need to continue working and then everything will be great.  So that is so cool that you got a piano.  I hope that I can play a duet with you every once and a while.  That should be fun.  So you can read about my week in the other email and all of the fun things that I have done this week.  It sounds like you are all just getting ready for school.  Man talk about a hard next month.  I am going to be so tired.  Oh well.  Anything for the Lord.  So I am so proud of you just doing well in your new life.  Of course it isn't that new but I am so glad that you are starting your eternal family the way you are.  You are such a good role model for me and all of your little sisters.  Keep up being a great sister.  So I really don't have too much more to write but just know that I love you and that I am working hard to the very end.  Thanks again for your prayers.  Well I love you and good luck.  Love Elder Williams  PS.  I'm sorry that my emails are getting a little shorter but there really isn't that much to say that I haven't said already.  It isn't that the work isn't boring but I just don't know what to write anymore.  
Dear Mom and Dad,

   This week has been really good and we are having a great time.  I actually got a new companion for my last several weeks here.  His name is Elder Mainbayar and he is a really good Elder.  We are working really hard and have managed to meet with quite a few people this last week.  So also this week we are teaching a little 15 year old from Kazakhstan named Lashkaa.  She is really good and is living with her member relatives.  She really likes the plan of salvation and explained to us (in a little bit broken Mongolian because she speaks Kazakh) how her mother died when she was little.  She also really misses her because she cried for a minute or two.  The only thing that might come in as a problem would be her families religious beliefs and they are not Buddist but I think they might very possibly be Muslim.  But the Kazakh's don't seem to be that strict about the whole rule thing and so hopefully with her uncle's support who is also a kazakh member she will do just fine.  So other than that there hasn't been a whole lot that has happened this week other than the normal missionary work.  Hopefully I will be here for Lashkaa's baptism but I really have no idea.  It sounds like you are all doing well back home and have had a chance to relax a little more.  I'm so glad to here about your scan mom and I am so thankful for Heavenly Father giving us this wonderful blessing.  Thanks for telling me all about the card thing.  I did get the card and I also got your package.  It was really nice to get and well all of my companions have really been surprised at the CD that the girls made.  We listen to it all the time.  I am glad that I was able to get that and also get the cute card and also Kristalyn's wedding invitation (a month late)  Well I probably won't be writing too much this week because we are going to the countryside on an exchange later today.  Well I love you two so much and wish you the best of luck.  Love Elder Williams
PS.  I am surprised they have our flight plans out already and I hope that isn't real about me being 27 hours in San Francisco.  I could really just drive home from there.  Thanks for helping me out Mom and Dad.  Love you   Elder Williams

Dear Little Sisters,
   It sounds like you are all doing really well.  I hope that you are all enjoying your last several weeks of summer.  Well Caelen, I am glad that you were able to be in a movie with your horse.  Did you kill any orks while you were going?  I bet you destroyed them and also managed to make a big tower fall down.  Is that true?   Also Caelen if you consider sitting on a camp chair trying to stay warm by huddling in your jacket dancing around a fire naked than yes I did do that.  :)  Just want to make you smile.  Also great job on staying on your horse.  That is sometimes how life is.  You just have to hang on.  Well Rachel, it sounds like you are doing well and that you are throwing down with your shotgun.  I'm curious, how many stormtroopers did you kill?  I bet you had a huge percentage.  I bet you even got to be one of the heros because you shot soooo well.  Hey always remember that if you stand up for some of your beliefs that people will listen.  Sometimes we just have to tell them straight up that their Heavenly Father would not be proud of them saying that stuff.  Sometimes people forget that he is there and that is the biggest problem with most people.  So great job and keep up being your strong self.  SO Becky yes I will enjoy my head and my aaruul.  It is really good.  (Ok I might have lied a little bit but sometimes there are some good pieces.  I don't really like the ears though.)  I'm glad that you can finally relax and be able to get back to normal because when I get back things won't be so normal anymore.  Enjoy not being tickled while you can!!!!  :)   Well thanks for being a good helper to Kristalyn and you truly are a wonderful example.  SO little girls I will give you one quote before I go.  "Life is like a coin.  You can spend it anyway you want it, but you only have 1."  Keep up being great and I love you all so much.  Love Elder Williams 

Dear Kristalyn,  It is so great to hear from you and see that you are having a great time.  I'm sorry that a little bit of your honeymoon was ruined to strep throat but I know you will be alright.  I have heard a lot about how you are doing and it sounds like you are having the time of your life.  I'm once again so proud of you and am glad that you are my sister.  Well thanks for preaching to me.  It was nice and does make me feel like I am still kind of normal.  I have been having a lot of dreams lately about going home and just what I am going to do.  I have to be honest and say that I really can't wait to get home and hug you all but at the same time I know that if I don't try my very hardest this last transfer I will regret it the rest of my life.  So it is a hard balance of being excited and trying to forget the fact that I am going home pretty soon.  I am proud to say that I am not trunky and am working really hard.  If you don't understand the word trunky you can ask Rhett or your husband.  He will know.  (Wow it is really weird to be able to tell one of my sisters to ask her husband).  So other than that things are going really god.  We are teaching a girl from Kazakstan and she seems to be understanding the gospel really good.  She doesn't speak Mongolian perfectly but well enough that she understands everything we teach her.  She is really good and I hope that I can be there for her baptism.  I think I will be able to make it.  So I can't wait to swap Yu-Gi-Oh cards with Rhett.  It will definently be fun.  Well I probably won't be writing a lot in the next several weeks but you just know that your brother is trying his hardest and please pray for me to continue to work really hard.  Thanks and I love you.  Love Elder Williams 

Dear Little Girls,

   It is so nice to be able to hear from you this morning.  It has been really cool to know that you have helped Kristalyn sooo much.  You have been a helper in God's hand in getting Kristalyn an eternal family.  So this week has been good but you can read about it in the other larger email.  So Caelen, I hope that your feet don't hurt to bad because I wouldn't want those little piggy toes in pain now.  :)  I am impressed by your scripture reference you shared with me and may I say that you have been a big hand in those "small and simple things".  I hope that you are enjoying being with Uncle Mike and Aunt Beck and Logan.  Family is so precious and we should try and enjoy every moment we have with them.  Well I didn't really wrestle but I was able to watch the opening of Naadam and see the big wrestlers go out.  You think the superbowl is big in America.  On the last wrestling match of Naadam the streets are silent because every body is in watching it on there TV's.  It was funny because we walked outside and there was literally nobody on the streets.  Well I think that you should spell your nickname nainii because that is how they spell it in Mongolian.  So ..............HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RACHEL!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!.....WHISTLE WHISTLE.......BOOM BOOM (FIREWORKS) .  So you are now 15.  You are so old yum baina!!!!  Hey good luck up at girls camp and make sure to eat plenty of smores.  Wow I haven't eaten those in forever.  Well you are the best littliest sister in the world and even though I am a little late I hope that you had a wonderful birthday.  Rebecca, I am glad that you could help Kristalyn so well and I am thankful for your example to.  I am so glad that you can spend some time with your cousins and your little sisters.  They look up to you soooo much and you are really a good example for them.  Well keep taking naps for me and sleep next time for 4 hours.  You are a great girl.  So little sisters you are all so awesome and just keep up the great work and before you know it you will be in the celestial kingdom.  Good luck.  Love Elder Williams

Dear Kristalyn,
    Congratulations.  As a brother sitting here in Mongolia, I have many different emotions right now.  All of them are good.  I guess one would be just how proud I am of you.  You did it!!!  You have completed several other steps down the path of the plan of salvation.  You are closer than ever now.  Now it only takes one thing and you are well aware of that.  Enduring to the end.  I'm not going to preach to you about enduring to the end considering that you are a member.  But I would at least like to write my thoughts about it.  Obviously enduring to the end will be a little hard.  But if we trust in the one we know suffered for us we can do it a lot more nicely,  When I endure the end I want to be beat up and bruised and dusty and bleeding and the only reason I say that is because I feel like if I didn't try my very hardest I wouldn't be worthy of eternal life.  Now obviously we aren't talking about actual beatings but I want to go to my heavenly father and say "I tried and even though I wasn't perfect, I did try"  I think that you will do fine in your marriage and know that if you continue down the correct path you will make it.  I am so proud of you.  I am also so grateful that you were able to go through the temple and make for yourself those sacred covenants.  I know that you will slowly begin to understand things more little by little.  The peace of the temple is something so beautiful.  To be completely honest, it was the temple that kept me going on my mission when I learned everything about mom.  It was there that I felt that the Lord would take care of my family while I was away.  And he has.  More than I could imagine.  He has blessed us so much and I don't know why other than just to say that he loves us and is with us every step of the way.   So continue to go to the temple and I can't wait to be able to go with you when I get back.  I really want to go again.  I have forgotten so much.  Well lastly I would just like to say that you don't even know the joy that went through me when I read your email.  One of my own family members is one step closer to the celestial kingdom.  That is what I am trying to get people to do everyday and so often they don't listen.  Our goal is not baptism but is truly the temple.  So I am so proud of you and because everything went so well you may take that for a sign from God that you have done the right thing.  You keep up being great and well I hope to be able to see you and your future family.  It is kind of funny.  My whole family has changed while I have been gone.  Every one is moving through life differently now.  I am a little scared to come home to be honest.  MY whole life has been dedicated to going on a mission.  That is what I have thought since I was a little baby.  If I could make it on a mission my life was good.  But now it is almost over and I don't know what to think.  Back there I have no purpose or goal anymore or that is at least how I feel.  It is like my life is kind of ending or at least that is sometimes how I feel.  I am working really hard here still.  I am trying not to think about going home.  But I do every once and a while I do and well I am not sure what to do.  But I have had specific feelings inside that have revealed to me something that was really neat and i want to tell you that there is a reason that you were the first to come into the family.  You have always kind of been the pioneer and it is your example that I am learning from right now.  I know it was not coincidence at all that you are the oldest.  Keep it up and know that the Lord has set you in your family for a very specific reason and now I have just found out one.  I love you so much and well have a great time.  Love Elder Williams

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
How did you know that it was Children's Day? Well it was really
fun to see all of the Mongolians go out with their children and ride
little bikes all over the place. Talk about a lot of balloons.
Unfortunately it was really hard on missionary work due to the fact
that everyone was gone. So that was really kind of fun. So I am
actually kind of blown away at all of the marriages going on in the
family right now. It is kind of like everyone decided to do it all at
one time. So when is Cameron getting married? :) Well I admit with
everyone getting married it does feel really weird for me. Mom, I'm
glad that you are getting better. I'm sure that must be a little
rough. Well speaking of the weather today is sooooo windy. There
were pieces of gravel flying down the road. I could also barely see
as I was jay walking the city street because of all of the dust in
the air. So Dad, you kind of mentioned Elder Naef last week and well
the transfers came out this week and I am leaving Khailaast and going
to the Enkhtaivan ward where I will the Zone leader with Elder Naef.
So that is some news for you. My companion is also going and he will
go to the countryside. So I will be with Elder Naef for the last
three months of my mission. Enkhtaivan is also the sigh language ward
so I will probably learn a little bit of Mongolian sign language. I
already get the idea of it and I can spell any word in it but I don't
quite know all of the words. So that is some new stuff. Well our
baptism actually went really well and our investigators mother came.
So Namuun and Dulguun are sisters and now we are working with their
mother. We actually have a family home evening with them tonight and
we are going to show the restoration movie. It should go really well.
All of our new members are really sad that we are going but I don't
think they know how sad I am. I am truly just beginning to realize
just how much I will miss Mongolia and the people. It almost hurts to
have to go in a few months. It will be hard to go. Well the week has
gone fine so far and i hope that you get the air conditioner fixed.
It is kind of neat that Kristalyn is getting married at the St George
temple. I really kind of like that temple. Well Mom and Dad, I love
you both so much and I hope that you have a great week. Love Elder

Dear Little Sisters,
So it sounds like all of you are having a great summer so far.
I'm having a pretty good one to except for the wind outside right now.
SO I am going to a new area called Enkhtaivan. It should be fun
especially because I will be able to learn a little Mongolian Sign
language. Well we had our baptism on Friday and it went really well.
All together we had four baptisms on Friday at our building which
hasn't happened for a long time. Well Caelen, great job on the
repelling. Also don't worry to much about a crowded pool. You could
be one a bus where someone you can feel the person in front of you
breathing and feel the vibrations while they are talking. Yeah I have
gotten used to a few things here. Well take a lot of naps for me.
and stay up late too. Rachel, I bet you absolutely jumped down those
cliffs. You probably don't even need the ropes. You will just kind
of dash down it right? I hope that you slept in after watching that
movie. It sounds like you are having a great summer and make sure to
eat cobbler for me too. Well Rebecca, if you don't know the side of
the screw driver you have to use has a little metal piece at the end
which fits into this little metal thing called a screw. :) Next week
I will describe the hammer for you. :) Wow I haven't had a good
hamburger in a while. I can't wait to see make one for me> :) So I
am sure you are having a busy week. Just don't have a mental break
down. That is probably not a good thing. Well as my companion says
so often to the sisters in broken English you are the woman!!! So
you all are soooo good and keep up the great work. i love you all and
good luck. Love Elder Williams

Dear Kristalyn,
   It looks like all of you are having a good time getting ready for
everything.  I wish you the best of luck.  So don't worry about
thinking about making me homesick.  Of course I remember home but I
don't get home sick too easy anymore.  I really just kind of want to
talk to you guys.  You guys are doing a whole bunch of fun things and
I hope that you continue them when I get home.  But even if you don't
I have plenty of things that I am thinking about doing.  Well say
hello to Rhett for me.  I guess our relationship has definentely
gotten better now.  :)  So a funny story this week. baigaa l daa
gehdee bi can't remember them.  Well don't worry about it you will
hear plenty of stories in a few months.  I am just beginning to
realize just how much I will miss Mongolia.  It almost feels like when
I leave that my heart will rip,  I have grown to love these people
soooo much.  Well mouse hasn't eaten hardly any cheese but he did have
blood soup.  Does that count?  :)  Well I love you and keep up being
you.  Love Elder Williams

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,
   So it sounds like you all had a busy week.  Well so first I will describe my week.  So this week we had Zone conference which was really fun.  But the night before that we went to see a really cool Mongolian cultural program.  But right as we were going off to go to the theater place my school called me and informed me that I had forgot to give a test that day.  Well I did forget but I was really never supposed to give it at all.  If I said that my school sometimes lacks common sense it wouldn't be very Christlike but sometimes I just have to be honest.  Well anyways we smoothed things over and went to the program.  It was an amazing program and I saw so much talent.  The have so many wonderful musical talents and especially the murun huur.  Well it was really good and also I saw a black guy at it.  That was rare.  Well on Thursday we went to Zone conference and it was sad because it is our president's last zone conference.  It will be weird serving the last few months of my mission under a different mission president.  Oh well.  So after Zone conference we ran over to the church and we had our baptism.  I had the privilege of baptizing our investigator and it was a really good spiritual baptism.  Well on Saturday, our other investigator passed the baptismal interview and will be getting baptized this next week.  We are going through a really good successful time right now here in the Hailaast branch.  Well that was pretty much my week and we are just having a great time here in Mongolia.  Transfers are coming up within a few weeks or two so we are just kind of waiting to see what will happen there.  Well it sounds like your week was really quite an ordeal.  Mom good luck on the shingles.  I will be praying for you and I hope that it heals quickly.  I also read Elder Packer's talk a few days ago and was really impressed by his testimony.  He is a great man and he truly knows that the Lord lives.  Well it sounds like Dad had quite a trip up north.  I admit I was a little jealous to know that you ate at Chili's but I realized that I will have kfc in a few months.  So I will have to talk with Elder Naef about that whole thing.  that sounds really cool and I forgot to tell you that yes he did come back.  But he won't come home until November.  Right before thanksgiving.  It really is a small world especially of those involved in Mongolia.  He actually is from the portland area and though he doesn't know Uncle Mike and Aunt Beck he is familiar with their town.  Well I hope that all of you have a great week and I love you.  Love Elder Williams

Dear Little Sisters,
    Well it sounds like all of you are having a great week so far.  You all are really awesome and let me just say that it is a joy to get your email every week.  The letters from family really do make the week great.  So it is raining right now and I am just wondering how I am going to go outside and not get too wet.  I didn't bring my umbrella.  :(   Well other than that there is nothing to new.  Oh I did get to baptize my investigator this last friday.  That was really great to see.  Well you can learn about the rest of my week in the other big email to mom and dad.  Well Rachel, I guess you are not into the whole field day thing. I think that you would throw down if you went and did high jumping though.  Should have done it.  :)  Good job on the awards ceremony.  I remember I got an award too but I have no idea what it was.  Something stupid baih. (I'm sorry but I thought this sentence in my mind and so I had to write it out.   The baih means probably)  Man I wish you could send me a blizzard but unfortunately that isn't an option.  Well you sound like you are your good ol' new self and I always new that you were going to be a famous artist.  You got it!!  Well Caelen, it sounds like your week was awesome because you didn't have school.  By the way when I saw the word afgan I had absolutely no idea what it was.  Now I remember though.  Well I can't wait for a home made hamburger but don't think that is distracting me.  Well I will try to get an eagle for you but the only problem is I don't have enough money to get it a seat on the airplane.  Well thanks for the picture of the snowflake.  It remind me of most of my time here in Mongolia.  well Rebecca, do you know where crocodiles live?  ......yeah in Africa......then why in the world are you in Provo Utah?!!!!   That camel comment put a grin on my face.  yeah I didn't know that you could run that far.  Were you in a wheelchair?  :)  Well I have to throw a few comments back myself.  Well it sounds like you are doing great work up at Provo .  Keep up the great work.  Well I love you little girls and always remember this really cool quote  (let see if you understand it first)  "Earth's crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God, but only he who sees takes off his shoes"  Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Please tell me you understand it.  Well I love you all and have a great week.  Love Elder Williams

Dear Kristalyn,  So this week has been pretty good.  I had the opportunity to baptize our investigator named Serjmydag and that was really nice to be able to see.  It also rained quite a bit this week and in fact it is raining right now.  Well you can learn about the rest of my week in my other letter.  Well first to answer your questions.  So I am almost done with class.  I gave the 2 tests today and have to give one more.  Well speaking of this whole english thing I had a moment that reminded me of the atonement.  After I graded one of the tests and gave the students his grade I had one of my students come up to me and beg for just three points because he really wanted to go from an 82 to an 85.  Well he was really insisting me and insisting me and well I didn't know what to do.  To be honest he is a really good student and he is really humble but he just doesn't know any english because he was raised in the countryside and hasn't really had the chance to get a good education.  At first I was just trying to be honest and told him that sorry that was his bad luck but as I was sitting there I realized that this is just like Jesus Christ and our lives.  There is no way in the world that we can get a one hundred percent on the test of life.  and the only way that we will ever make a passing grade is if we rely on the Lord and his grace.  So being merciful I gave him just 3 points.  It was a really interesting moment for me.  Well the easiest way to get closer to the Savior is just to remember Him.  I feel like that is the beginning.  And then accepting His will.  You are really a great example and don't every worry about your wedding.  Well I hope that you are doing well and that your whole wedding is coming together.  I know that you will be fine and I can't wait for a few more pictures.  Well you have a great week and just remember that when I do come home I want a big taco salad waiting for me withing the first week.  (Or really just cheese in general.  They don't eat any cheese here)  Well I love you and keep up the great work.  Love Elder Williams

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear Little Sisters,
  Well this week has been pretty good for me.  Just kind of surviving the heat and snow of Mongolia at one time.  It sounds like your week has been pretty good.  So Caelen, it sounds like you are doing great.  Hey that is absolutely awesome on the end of levels math thing.  I have never been able to pull that one off.  You are the man......well...sort of.  (To be honest that is like one of the only movie quotes that I am remembering right now)  that is so cool.  I know that you were a math genius.  So that fact that you and Rachel moved out of your old room is kind of shocking me in the first place but good luck on painting up your old room. By the way, just what has happened with my old room?  Has it become the family nap room or something?  Just curious. well keep up being your great self my young padawan.  Before you know it you will be a jedi master.  Wow that is cool.   well Rachel, you sound like a genius too.  Since when did you guys get so smart?  :)  You will be smarter than me when I get back.  Well good job on the history test and you should go to biology because earth science is a really boring class and they just teach you everything you have learned since like 1st grade.  Biology isn't that hard you just have to read a little bit. No big deal.  I am sure that you are pumped for the summer.  Hey you guys have to promise me to send me a few pictures of all of you guys up at the family reunion.  I want to see how much of you have changed.  Please bi chamaas guij baina.  (I'm begging you)   or should I say (I you from begging am) Well I will try to send a few cool pictures myself.  Well Rebecca,  I didn't get your email for some strange reason but I did hear from dad that you are just working your little heart out.  Well keep up the great work up at BYU and before you know it you will be teaching your inexperience brother how to do everything and just where everything is on BYU.  I literally know nothing next to you.  Well I hope that all of you have a great day and keep up being the coolest little sisters in the world.  I love you.  Love Elder Williams 

Well Dear Kristalyn,
  You two look pretty good in your pictures. Good job and don't worry about the whole wedding thing.  Everything will work out.   It sounds like all of you are having a great time up in Provo.  The baseball game sounds amazing and I can't wait to go to a few games with you guys.  Well this week has been pretty normal for me except today I didn't have to teach English.  Oh we do have another baptism coming up this week which should be really cool and hopefully everything should go good there.  So I did bring some pictures today and I hope that I have some time to send them off to you guys.  Great stuff.  So it does rain a lot here in Mongolia.  So a quick story about rain.  Me and my companion were walking this week and as we came out of the church building the sky was soooo black.  My companion insisted that is was just dust in the air and that we would be okay.  So we go to the bus stop and I keep telling him that it is going to rain and he keeps telling me that nothing will happen.  Well as we are standing there it starts to rain a little bit and so we run into the store for shelter.  Well it doesn't rain and it stopped and so he smiles at me (kind of like the little I know I was right smile)  Well we walk back out and we are literally two feet from the door when this huge wall of rain just pummels the both of us and soaks the road in like 5 seconds.  So there is your story.  Well you are looking so great and keep up the great work.  I love you.  Love Elder Williams

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,    So this week has been really good.  Especially since I heard that there was going to be a temple built in Cedar City like half an hour ago.  One of the older couples turned and asked me "Hey do you know the elder that lives in cedar city?  and I turned and said "that's me!"  and then they told me.  I can't believe it.  I can only say that it will truly be a blessing in all of the lives of the people in that area.  I am sooooo excited.  And the I saw the picture and can say that it will truly be a beautiful site for all of the people in the valley.  I can't wait and if there are any developments I do expect a few pictures.  I haven't been able to hear conference so far but I will see it this next saturday.  And then there is a really huge thing that will be going on for a few days.  It is the 20th year anniversary of the church in Mongolia.  They have activities planned everyday and I hope to be able to see a lot of the things they will do.  It will be really fun.  Well this week was actually pretty cold and it just keeps snowing.  Not a lot but it still is that cold.  I can't wait for spring.  So we are still playing basketball every morning but it would be easier to play if we had iceskates on.  I have only slipped a few times so far.  Well this week we are still teaching our fantastic investigator.  Her name is Namuunaa and she bore her testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday.  That was really surprising.  We also are preparing a choir song for the 20 year anniversary and it is really good and it is so fun to be able to sing again.  I haven't really sung much the last two years.  Every once and a while.  But now we are practicing quite a bit and it has been really fun.  Well it sounds like General Conference was really fun to watch.  I really haven't heard much about America but that whole Supreme Court thing sounds really scary!!  I really pray that the Lord will keep America strong.  I guess the the world in general needs help.  Well I can't wait to go with you to Priesthood session next year Dad.  Well it is great to be able to email you guys and it dawned on me that in a month and a half we will all be talking again.  Well keep up the good work and good luck.  I love you both.  Love Elder Williams

Well Dear little girls,
    Well it sounds like all of you are doing fantastic.  Well I am so excited for the temple in Cedar City.  I know that it will truly bless the Cedar City area and I thank our Heavenly Father for allowing a temple to be built there.  Truly this is the Lord's work, for it can not be stopped.  The blessings involved in the building of a temple are truly magnificent and the reason why is that they are eternal.  The temple in a way is always a reminder to us that we are eternal and that this life's purpose is bigger than most people understand.  It shows us that we are progressing on a path so wonderful that we can not imagine what is at the end and to be completely honest there is not an end.  Eternal progression.  It is truly one of wonderful things about our loving Heavenly Father.  He will always help us to progress.  Well this week has been good but cold.  That has been the biggest problem is that the weather will not warm up.  It is really frustrating.  I am really sick of this whole cold weather thing.  Well it sounds like all of you had a pretty good week.  and the reason that is , is because of that huge grand finale at the end called conference.  I haven't been able to see it yet but I plan to see it next week.  I am so excited for it.  Well my investigator bore her testimony in sacrament meeting.  That was really cool to see.  Unfortunately our only problem is her parents but if we trust the Lord everything should turn out okay.  Rachel I hope that you get better.  Feeling sick can really be a downer some times but just remember that you are done with school in like a month and a half.  Well just keep up the great work Rachel and know that God loves you sooooo much.  (Also the rumor here is that if you eat wolf meat it will help you feel better.  I know that there aren't a lot of wolves in Cedar City but always remember Shylo does look pretty tasty.)   (Joke)  :)  Well Caelen, I admit that  I haven't seen pictures of the Land before time in a long time.  It was a great refreshing moment when I saw them.  Hey by the way just watch out for Sharpteeth.  They are all over the place.  Well I hope that you get better too.  It is really miserable being sick sometimes but on the bright side you got to eat cinnamon rolls!!!!  (I hope so)  Well Rebecca, it sounds like you are doing what I want to do.  Spaghetti to the face does sound like a great activity.  Let me just say that the birthday parties here sometimes end the same way.  Really annoying when you are in a suit coat.  Well keep up the great work up at BY of U.  You are doing great.  Well little girls have a great day and always remember that every cloud has a silver lining and every Darth Vader has a good side.  (I love cheesy lines)  I love you all and good luck.  Love Elder Williams

Dear Kristalyn,
  I am soooo excited for the temple in Cedar City.  Speaking of temples I don't want to intrude but I am a little curious.  Just say that you happened to get married in a few months (I am trying to make this sound unobvious)  what temple would you get married in?  Temples are such a wonderful blessing from our Heavenly Father.  I really wish I could be with you the first day that you went and received your endowment but know that once I get home we can both go to a session with the whole family.  Hey don't worry about anything Kristalyn.  I really believe that if you trust the Lord everything in you future will be okay.  Just tell that anxiety to hit the road.  (I realize that line was kind of like a cheesy Richard Simmons kind of line but it is the best I got)  That is soo cool about Derek and tell them congratulations from me.  They are helping God's children into this world.  Well I saw your picture.......................
............ and you both look great.  Don't feel like you need my approval in this relationship.  You've got it.   Well I hope that you have a great week and I love you soo much.  Love Elder Williams